Airborne Viruses and Mass Gathering Events

Priscila Silva Born, Michelle Ferreira, Patricia Costa, Jorlan Fernandes, Alexandre Silva, Natália Lanzarini, Renata Carvalho de Oliveira, Elba Regina Sampaio de Lemos, Paola Cristina Resende


Mass gathering events are characterized by the concentration of people in a location for a specific purpose, where the risk of spread of several infectious agents, especially viruses such as influenza virus, measles, coronavirus, rubella, among other pathogens, might be higher. Brazil hosted the 2016 Olympics and Paralympic games and this revision highlights the main airborne viruses, may have impacted
the events and describes some outbreaks reported in the literature during such events. This study may contribute to alert, recognize and help identify risks for the transmission of imported or endemic infectious diseases, in the planning and structuring of health actions that need to be provided for future events


Airborne viruses, measles, influenza, coronavirus, Olympic Games, mass gathering

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